Programs and Technical Assistance

KickStartNEK Bootcamp

This two day course helps participants develop and refine their business model to launch and grow their business. Whether you have a new idea or feel stuck in your business, this course will help you move forward.

  • Explore your idea
  • Refine your model
  • Define next steps


Transform your idea into a sustainable business!

9-Week entrepreneurship program designed to help you understand your customers and build business solutions,
develop your financial plan and build your budget,
and discuss challenges and build your operations plan.

Free and open to local entrepreneurs!

Business Plan Development

Do North Coworking is able to offer local businesses a Live Plan subscription for 3 months to help you develop your business plan and model.

We’ll have an initial meeting and periodic check-ins throughout the process to help you build your plan. You’ll develop your business overview and strategic advantage, operating plan, budget and financial projections, and set milestones for success to ensure your building a sustainable and successful business model.

To set up a time to meet, email us

Forestry Accelerator

The Forest Products Accelerator is a four month program for Northern American-based pre-seed and seed stage companies that are commercializing new and improved products, services, and technology in the forest industry.

The Forestry Accelerator focuses on companies looking to develop markets in northern New England and working to solve the following challenges the regional industry faces:

  • Products that use chips, dust, resins, and other byproducts and low grade wood.
  • Technology that improves forest management, sales, safety, and other operations.
  • Products and processes that develop and improve advanced wood heat, fuels, and energy.